New Face of Proactiv!

Lily Aldridge is the new face of Proactiv!

Why did you decided to become the face of Proactiv+?

It’s something I’ve been using off-and-on since I was a teenager. It’s just one of those products that everyone loves. Proactiv+ is a new formula that’s more about maintaining good skin. The moisturizer makes your skin healthy and beautiful—it’s evolved into a product that I would use now.

How would you describe your style?

Very laid-back unless I’m going to an event. I’m definitely a California girl, a little bit rock and roll. It’s just very easy and effortless.

What about working out?

I do Ballet Beautiful. I’m obsessed with Mary Helen Bowers’ program. I started doing it after I had my daughter and I feel like I’ve never been in better shape in my entire life, even after having a baby. I try to do it three times a week—I actually have an appointment with her in seven minutes.

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